Session in Shanti Home

75mn  : 75€ for 1 person

3 sessions on 6 weeks : 200€ 

online session on zoom

60mn  : 60€ for 1 person

3 sessions on 6 weeks :150€ 

yoga nidra / meditation on zoom

30-40mn  : 35€ for 1 person

3 sessions on 6 weeks :100€ 



A private session can be held

at  Shanti Home or online

If someone recommended you to practice yoga, if you have an inner desire to explore this discipline ,  if you have practiced with me before and would like a few sessions to be independent in your practice, or a reason  I cannot think of and not listed here, please get in touch. 

In yoga it is known that we use body & breath to improve our state of being . Yes there are movements explorations and postures where we can increase our strenght and flexibility, find relief for back pain , reduce our stress level.. and all matters where research and yoga go well together. However yoga , in my view and in that of all the teachers I honour and respect and learnt from, should not be limited to this.  I think yoga gives us a different view of the world than that cultivated on our left brain and materialistic approach to life. Both are needed for a fullfilled existence : Matter & Spirit  . I will not heal your chakra and I will not make you lose weight. BUT By being in your body , in touch with your feelings and with the excercise of going beyond them, YOU will unleash your potential to heal and maybe also to see chakras and lose weight. ( I dont see chakras but yoga boosted my digestive system in unexpected ways :D ) 

So I am super happy to teach and share what I know on the physical level,  I also have access to a wide and ancient study of the human psyche , soul , that can be accessible through movement, breathing , chanting & philosophy .

In this sense, many times we hear yoga is a science and an art , and a SARVA SADHANA, a practice for all aspects of our being.

Whatever aspect brings you to yoga, yoga will have something to offer. Then it is of great importance that you connect with the teacher language, presence and with what they have to share with you and this is why I am writing this paragraph . If you'd like to request more info or contact me to book a session , this is the flavour and this is the frame I have thought to share my teachings and the prices are also listed above.  Less pleasant part , but still very important : in case of last minute cancellation , payment will still be due.  So if all of this sounds acceptable , please contact me : or via my association

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