Yoga wall private session.                             75mn  : 75€ for 1 or 2 person

Private session

75mn  : 75€ for 1 person

online private session

45mn  : 35€ for 1 person



A private session can be held

at  Shanti Home or online

If someone recommended you to practice yoga, if you have an inner desire to explore this discipline ,  if you have practiced with me before and would like a few sessions to be independent in your practice, or a reason  I cannot think of and not listed here, please get in touch. 

In yoga it is known that we use body & breath to improve our state of being . Yes there are movements explorations and postures where we can increase our strenght and flexibility, find relief for back pain , reduce our stress level.. and all matters where research and yoga go well together. However yoga , in my view and in that of all the teachers I honour and respect and learnt from, should not be limited to this.  I think yoga gives us a different view of the world than that cultivated on our left brain and materialistic approach to life. Both are needed for a fullfilled existence : Matter & Spirit  .