photo credits : Nandha Kumar

as a student                                                


Yoga Teacher Training, NY , Yoga Sutra, Desikachar Lineage , 200h Yoga Alliance

2012 - 2014

Yoga Kids Teacher Training, Brussels, Yoga Beez

Yoga Alliance

Post Certification Studies with Frans Moors 

* Yoga Sutra Ch. 3 and 4 

* Hatha Yoga Pradipika 

2014 -2015

Thai Yoga and other Massage and ancient healing schools ,Thailand and Laos 


Studying with Sanskrit Belgium *Yoga Sutra Ch. 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 

Attending Samye Dzong , Lectures with Guelong Thoubten and Ken Holmes


Yoga wall certification with Martin Zillbauer 

Regular weekly practice with Rita Poelvorde, from Iyengar AUM Yoga, Brussels Study Retreat at Yoganga with Raji and Swati Chanchani , Rajpur, India

2020 Prenatal Certificate Program with Uma Dinsmore Tuli, London, UK

as a teacher

After my university studies and a few years with a rocky career life invited me to return to the body and seek trainings and philosophies that supported a rebirth at 25 years old and what felt like a purpose worth being chased.

When we come to yoga we are looking for something it is not there enough in our lives. Movement, stillness, rest, peace, quiet, harmony, mystery, magic, freedom from dramas or even from toxic relations. When I started chanting mantras and learning in the yoga darsana , and even nowadays when I am exposed to teachings or at moments when I practice or when I teach I am deeply moved in a space that is ancient, magic, unknown yet so familiar.  


 So I practice yoga to awaken and teach to share what works for me in a way that might work for you. I am  Italian and I mostly teach in English and French , in Brussels.


Giorgia Bruzzese del Pozzo