I have been learning                                                      from so many valuable                                                    teachers .                                                                        Here are some courses                                                    that have oriented my                                                    teachings and my life. 


Yoga Teacher Training, NY , Yoga Sutra, Desikachar Lineage , 200h Yoga Alliance

2012 - 2014

Yoga Kids Teacher Training, Brussels, Yoga Beez

Yoga Alliance

Post Certification Studies with Frans Moors 

* Yoga Sutra Ch. 3 and 4 

* Hatha Yoga Pradipika 

2014 -2015

Thai Yoga and other Massage and ancient healing schools ,Thailand and Laos 


Studying with Sanskrit Belgium *Yoga Sutra Ch. 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 

Attending Samye Dzong , Lectures with Guelong Thoubten and Ken Holmes


Regular weekly practice with Rita Poelvorde, from Iyengar AUM Yoga, Brussels 

Study Retreat at Yoganga with Raji and Swati Chanchani , Rajpur, India



Useful info about my Teaching Style, origins and Philosophy 

My teaching focuses on finding a healthy range of movement for our bodies according to individual conditions, introducing and guiding students to breathing techniques, approach subtle and gross anatomy, fascia and meridians as far as my understanding goes.

I haven't married one lineage but I am a fervent student of different oriental philosophies and of movement pedagogy.

Currently teaching in Brussels Europe and collaborating with different structures and fellow teachers around the lovely globe.

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