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This sessions are held from 9:30 until 11 am.

In these encounter we  journey in a complete yoga practice accessible to all those with an interest in yoga. This hour and a half together includes breathing / meditation / postures / preparation for inversions and alternatives / resting time and or guided meditation.


You can pay monthly or per class 

Registration is mandatory in both cases. To make sure you have a spot, that I read your email  and respond to it

please register at least 24/48hours before

1 class 15euros

4 class card 50 euros (available for 1 month from payment date.)

ING : BE71 ‪3631 0472 4169‬

In case of cancellation within 24h: the session is due.

Due to current measures please bring your mat, bricks, belt and sth for relaxation (blanket or scarf). If you have none of those and it's too late bring a fabric (or towel)  to place over material I will exceptionally borrow you. 

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mondays 10:30 -11:30 * fridays 12:45 - 13:45



If life is a journey, pregnancy is an adventure

If yoga is a shamanic practice,

pregnancy is an initiation.

This is a session open to women who are expecting and who are curious to explore the tools that yoga has to offer to mothers to be.

Together we embark on a journey to experiment with classical asana and revisited sequences to seek connected fluidity when we move and allow ourselves to rest and connect with Life.

Breathing all along, breathing all the way through, letting baby and the breath instruct our choices on whether to move or rest, sit or stand, stand or lie down, chant or listen.


si la vie était un voyage, la grossesse serait une aventure

si le yoga était une pratique shamanique, la grossesse serait uné grande initiation.

Cette séance de yoga prénatal est ouverte aux femmes enceintes curieuses d'explorer les outils dont le yoga dispose pour accompagner la grossesse.

Ensemble, nous embarquerons dans un voyage pour experimenter les postures classiques du yoga et des séquences revisitées, à la recherche de fluidité, connections et rechargement. La respiration et notre ressenti joueront un role important pour déterminer nos choix de mouvement, de repos , d'écoute de soi même et de la Vie à l'intérieur.



rsvp or via my association

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These sessions are held in Shanti Home and online

I include a brief introduction on the specific meditation we will practice and allow some space to process on your own and leave or stay if there are questions . 


- meditation in yogic tradition 

- buddhist inspired meditation

- yoga nidra

- deep rest

- taoist inspired meditation


confirmed with 8 participants

rsvp or via my association