RSVP & Register for your Sadhana

10: 00 - 11:00 am  

wednesdays / mercredi 

fridays / vendredi

mondays / lundi

continues throughout lockdown

Here is a useful guide to your registration

1. click on the day 

2. select dates

3. receive email with link and payment info

4. take time to sign in with zoom : this improves the security

and privacy for our meetings so that we are in a safe space! 

5. contact me if you need assistance

6. first times connects 15 mn before the class starts!

Quoi prévoir votre pratique

tapis de yoga ou tapis maison

2 briques ou deux livres épais

coussin de meditation ou une couverture plié

bolster ou un gros coussin de canapé 

belt ou un foulard

une couverture pour la relaxation 

What you may use for your practice 

yoga mat or house carpet 

2 blocks or two thick books or a stool (or chair)

a meditation pillow or a folded blanket

bolster or a thick pillow

belt or a scarf

a blanket for relaxation


Giorgia Bruzzese del Pozzo